Exo Terra: Aquatic Terrarium by John Duenas

DO YOUR REPTILES FEEL AT HOME? This is for the Exo-terra contest. -AQUATIC- Exo terra terrarium . Reeves Terrapin (chinemys reevsii), Chinese golden thread (ocadia sinesis)This is my families aquatic turtle terrariaum. The two turtles are housed with a chinese water dragon, and also small koi. We started with water dragon almost two years ago and added the turtles about 10 months ago to the enclosure. They live very well with one another. You can see the DUAL waterfalls we have in there. One is a waterfall and filter creating a pondless effect, the other being just rocks held up by magnets on walls, with a strategically placed filter/pump providing the water flow. The other big effect is the exo terra fogger in the corner providing the fog and adding further humidity to the terrarium. There are various branches and vines throughout the enclosure. Exo terra hanging plants add a great accent to the enclosure, also covering unsightly wires and hoses. Music By Dream & Kanye West, Walkin on the moon
Thanks for watching and dont forget to vote for our terrarium!!!

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terrarium exo terra Reeves Terrapin chinemys reevsii chinese golden thread ocadia sinesis PT-2614 cabinet Fogger compact top Sun-glo Night-glo Hanging plants lettuce floating

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